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 The Novitiate: Building the Foundation of Dominican Life


The novitiate is a year dedicated to living Dominican life in a deliberate way – through prayer, study and ministry on a daily basis. Our novitiate is located at St. Albert the Great Priory in Irving, Texas. During the novitiate year the novice comes to a better understanding of Dominican life through:


• Experiencing communal and personal prayer

• Daily participation in the Mass

• Living community life

• Ministerial experience

• Classes on our history, saints, constitutions, spirituality and the vows

• Attending workshops and conferences relevant for religious life


During this year the novice experiences all aspects of religious life. He grows in his ability to balance action and reflection, prayer and service, community and solitude.


The Daily Life of a Novice


A typical day in the novitiate begins with Lauds (morning prayer) followed by the community Mass where the friars are often joined by students, faculty and staff from the University of Dallas as well as others from the local neighborhood. After breakfast, the novices are frequently engaged in common study with the novice master or a scholar brought in as the opportunity and need arise.


Time during the day is also allotted for private prayer and study. Each novice shares in the duties of caring for the house and also chooses a specific form of apostolic ministry to round out the balance of prayer, study, and ministry. The novices are encouraged to develop their own creative gifts in areas of personal enrichment and to regularly exercise. Vespers (evening prayer) is celebrated at 5 PM followed by recreation and dinner.  The day concludes with Compline (Night Prayer) at 7:45pm. 


The novices meet together weekly with the novice master for what is called a chapter meeting to discuss selected topics and various issues related to the common life. The novices also meet individually with the novice master several times a month to discuss their own discernment of the Dominican vocation.   



Our Novices


Br. Kolbe Culotta, O.P.

Brother Kolbe was born and raised Catholic in Texas where he fostered a love for the south. That love flourished as he attended Texas Tech University where he was introduced to the Dominicans by his new found friends. A vocation to religious life was not a part of his life plan until the spring before his last year at university. It was then he decided to take a leap of faith and join the Order of Preachers that he had grown close to while attending college. Taking his religious name after Saint Maximilian Kolbe, he is continually inspired by Kolbe’s self sacrifice and limitless love for his neighbor. In his free time, Br. Kolbe enjoys reading, listening to music and running.


Br. Greg Dunn, O.P.

Brother Greg is from Fort Worth, and is one of three children in the Dunn Family.  He graduated from Texas A&M this past spring of 2016 before entering the Novitiate. In college, he found great encouragement in the witness of many fellow students and priests at St. Mary's Catholic Center who followed Christ with their whole hearts. He was drawn to the Order of Preachers because of the way he saw the Dominicans he met along the way pray with faith, live in community, study God's Word, and preach authentically.


He enjoys hiking, baseball, and playing other pick-up sports. If you would like to learn some Fightin' Texas Aggie Yells, feel free to ask him. Also, with a great bit of perseverance, he is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and can only hope that this is finally the year for them. 


Br. Michael Hill, O.P.

Brother Michael was raised in Katy, TX, where he and his family were members of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church. As a child he developed a strong devotion to Christ crucified and formed a strong relationship with God the Father through personal prayer. With a zealous interest in matters of existence, purpose, faith and morals, he began to thirst for a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, teachings, and traditions. After high school he really began to discern serving God’s people more fully.


Upon completion of a degree in Psychology at the University of Houston, attending both an ACTS and Ignatius silent retreat, Michael was drawn into a fuller faith in Christ.

He met the Dominican Friars at Holy Rosary Priory and Parish in Houston, TX. After attending the “Come and See” weekend in February 2016, Brother Michael felt the call to serve in this community. It was the charism of itinerant preaching, the importance of community life, and the balance between prayer and study, which ultimately lead him to apply to the Order of Preachers. With his creative energy, he enjoys many activities including the outdoors, reading, crafting, art, exercising, playing guitar, percussion, sports and more.

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